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My book covers many aspects of our daily lives, from eating, sleeping, exercising (or the lack of) and our reactions to stress. It includes the reasons why we have such an alarming rate of obesity and diabetes worldwide. And guess what? It is not even your fault!


There are certain ingredients in our foods that change completely the way we think, feel and behave. You’ll learn which ones there are and more importantly, how to eliminate them from your foods and drinks for good!


It also presents a practical alternative to eat better, the natural way, the way nature intended for all of us to live, eating fresh and natural foods, specially animal fats, so essential for our growth and survival!

You’ll be happy to learn that many foods that we thought were bad for our health are in fact very good and even healthy! You will dispel the myths about fats and cholesterol, and above all, by following the principles of the book, you’ll have a feeling of wellbeing and peace of mind, you’ll never feel hungry again!

The nutritional approach that I propose* and which is the basis of my book, was born because of the personal need to reverse, in a natural way, the Metabolic Syndrome in which I was immersed.

Despite being an allopathic doctor dedicated to prescribing medicines to treat all kinds of diseases, I refused to take any pills, not because I did not believe in them, it was because I was in a state of total shock!

Although I spent 2 hours exercising in the gym, running, swimming and lifting weights, I had liver fatty, and high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose. I could not believe that being a doctor I was sick! I was a part of the statistics (7 out of 10 doctors also suffer from overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer and other chronic and degenerative diseases).


And my body didn't look like I wanted! You can appreciate how out of shape I was. My  weight was 225 pounds, with a waist size greater than 40 inches. You can even appreciate the excess fat on my face, I was 45 pounds overweight!

*Clarification: I am against the Plate of Good Eating, because in my clinical experience and the review of hundreds of clinical studies of human research, this model of feeding is totally unnatural and obsolete since it propitiates, perpetuates and accentuates the problems of overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and other degenerative diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer's.

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