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This program CAN BE APPLIED FOR ALL THE STAGES of human development:


This includes pregnancy, (remember, the consumption of fats is essential for the formation of the baby), children, youth, adults and seniors (this approach is particularly useful to prevent senile dementia and other degenerative diseases).


The program’s objective is to establish a new lifestyle culture and a healthier philosophy of life, at a medical, nutritional and exercise levels, to prevent or reverse, when it is possible, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart attacks, stokes, cancer and other chronic and degenerative diseases, thus achieving astounding health, longevity and vitality.


The programs are designed on a 12 weeks working sessions, that helps the patients to stablish new nutritional and exercise patterns. This approach focuses on 5 basic questions that are the foundation for a long-lasting change on any endeavor: what, why, how, when and where.


This coaching system has 3 working bases: 1. Identify the patients’ metabolic state. 2. Correct it and improve it with though a fat-based nutrition and 3. Complement it with a series of efficient and effective exercise routines.

The patients follow a series of instructions and a step by step series of events and bench marks that can potentially help them change their lives. There are five different programs to choose from, and one follow up alternative, check them out below.



  • Achieve an ideal Health’s level.

  • Maintain greater concentration, mental focus and emotional state

  • Increase vitality and longevity

  • Strengthen the immune and hormonal systems

  • Prevent degenerative diseases

  • Achieve a suitable weight and percentage of body fat

  • Decrease the need to consume medications

  • Avoid complications of different metabolic diseases.







CLARIFICATION: This online program does not replace in any way, shape or form, the direct consultation with your physician. These online programs are a professional coaching system, created by Dr. Franco, that identifies and corrects the lifestyle habits of the patients, that are creating a metabolic havoc in their lives. These on-line programs provide a series of well a designed steps, benchmarks and actions recommended to prevent and overcome, on a natural and practical way, the epidemics of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes that are present in many families and societies worldwide.

As a complement of the personalized coaching by Dr. Juan Manuel Franco Beltrán, read the book COME GRASA Y ADELGAZA and discover:

  • What is the Mexican Metabolic Diet

  • The reason why sugar is toxic, addictive and affects your hormonal status

  • How brain transmitters influence your craving for food

  • The importance of having breakfast and losing weight by eating

  • What is the 'ideal' exercise for your body

  • How to identify and reverse the early signs of diabates

You can use PayPal to buy the book or pay for your registration to any of the available health programs,

in this way you take advantage of living in fullness, health and vitality. Start now!