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How to motivate you to join the program without proof? With the aim that you trust in the results and possibilities that his change of eating habits gives you, we decided to talk with current patients and some of the past who achieved their goals that until today are still in control of their lives in a healthy way.

I found myself with a story of diabetes and hypertension over 10 years ago, taking medicines to control my blood glucose levels and my blood pressure, in addition to injecting many units of insulin daily. After completing the first 30 days I started to check that my blood sugar had gone down, I stopped using insulin and kept the diet to the letter. I finished the program in the required 90 days, however I can say that today I am about to eliminate anti hypertensive medications. My blood sugar levels have improved, my insulin resistance has decreased, I feel more energy and I want to perform my exercise routines every day, moreover, when I do not exercise, I feel bad like something is missing. Doing this program can mean a better and higher life quality, just like I'm experiencing it. I've been without insulin for 11 months and I eat carnitas, bacon and eggs. The concepts of this program are easy and practical. The diet works!


The doctors could not believe that by cooking with butter and eating eggs every day I was going to lose weight. For the first time in 40 years I am no longer obese!


I was going to have my spine operated due to overweight, I already lost 52 pounds by eating fat and butter every day, and I no longer need the operation.