In the graphic below, you can see the chemical composition of these and other “synthetic” fats, thanks to the outstanding work of Stephen Phinney M.D. Ph. D. and Jeff Volek, Ph. D. documented in their book, “The Art and Science of a Low Carbohydrate Performance.

These fats, particularly those that are free from hormones, antibiotics and chemical preservatives such as nitrites or nitrates, have been, are and will be, the basis of the human development. In addition, these fats DO NOT contain cholesterol (even though it is an essential molecule, as you’ll learn soon).

Thanks to these animal fats, the evolution of the human race was possible, for they were an extraordinary source of energy (they still are), that helped out ancestors to tolerate very long fasting periods; besides, these natural fats and cholesterol are essential to our body’s structural basis for all the cells, tissues and organs.


It was precisely for the consumption of natural animal fats, that the human brain was developed to our current days, with its abundant amount of cholesterol and Omega 3, especially the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA (we cannot survive without them, thus essential).

The purpose of this page and my book Come Grasa y Adelgaza, is to help you understand the real causes of most modern diseases, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, including heart attacks, Alzheimer and many types of cancers. In addition, you’ll learn how to prevent and reverse these and other related health problems, eating natural fats as a staple food, as I, as well as many of my patients are doing.



CONTRARY TO MEDICAL AND POPULAR OPINIONS, natural animal fats, such as lard, bacon, butter, tallow and eggs, ARE NOT SATURATED FATS!


Click on this button and consult the graph of FATS AND ITS CHEMICAL COMPOSITION:

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